What: Palos Sagauwau Half Marathon
Why: Virtual replacement for the defunct Palos Southwest Half Marathon
 (Not affiliated with the Palos Southwest Half Marathon)
When: May 7, 2022 (or anytime you want)
Where: Cal-Sag Trail Parking Area
How: Working on it...

Virtual Events:


Palos Sagawau Half Marathon

Cal-Sag Trail Parking Lot
Cal-Sag Road (Route 83)
Paved trail, parking lot
Restoration of the Palos Southwest Half Marathon
95% paved bicycle path, 5% paved parking lot traverse
Traditional turnaround point at Camp Sagawau Parking Lot
App update coming soon...

Mile Run

(Defunct) Lincoln-Way North High School
Harlem Avenue at Vollmer Road
4 laps of the stadium track
Aerial View (Google Maps)
Try to set a mile PR.
The gate is usually open.